Emergency Dental Treatment

Generally the first visit to Mill Street City Dental Centre involves a Comprehensive Examination of the mouth and its surrounding/supporting anatomy. However, some patients may require Emergency Dental Treatment for problems such as a toothache or a broken tooth. In these cases, we will address the presenting complaint first, prior to any further treatment. We encourage patients, both new and regular, to attend our offices as soon as possible for any Emergency Dental Treatment to prevent problems from progressing any further.

If there are no immediate concerns, a Comprehensive Examination is carried out with any necessary diagnostic aids (such as radiographs or tooth impressions) taken at this stage. Following this, a treatment plan is suggested and discussed. If several visits are required to complete a course of treatment, we will do our best to schedule appropriate times. Any simple procedures that are required, such as a scale and polish, can be completed in the same appointment if patients so desire.

New patients should note that they will be asked to fill in a general health questionnaire. Completing this accurately will allow us to provide the best possible Dental Care.


• Restorations

Restorations or “fillings” as they are sometimes called are necessary in cases where there is tooth decay or a previously filled tooth requires a restoration to be redone due to wear and tear. Restorations can sometimes be done to repair broken teeth.

They are usually easily done at the time of the appointment with some anesthetic used to numb the tooth being treated. We may require a follow up appointment to re-polish and finalise a restoration’s contour and surface texture.

Restoration materials are usually either Tooth Coloured (Resins/Cements) or Silver coloured (Amalgam). We will recommend the restoration material that we feel will provide the best results however patients’ preferences are taken into consideration which ultimately affects the type of restoration that will be placed.

• Inlays/Onlays and Crowns

In some instances, the damage to teeth is quite severe and in these instances, very little of the original healthy tooth remains. To reinforce these teeth and to preserve them for the long term, we may recommend placement of an inlay/onlay or a Crown.

An Inlay/Onlay is essentially a large restoration that is generally made in a dental laboratory, to fit the tooth. These are designed in such a way as to reinforce the remaining tooth while preserving as much of the original tooth as possible. Because they are made in a dental laboratory, we take a mould of the tooth being treated and place a temporary restoration in the tooth while the restoration is being fabricated. Generally the temporary restoration sits on the tooth for approximately 2 weeks while our local laboratories fabricate the restoration.

A crown or a “cap” completely encircles a tooth and is similar to an inlay/onlay in that it is also custom made to fit a specific tooth. This type of treatment is usually reserved for weakened teeth where the majority of the original tooth structure missing and teeth that we cannot predictably restore with an inlay/onlay.

Inlays/Onlays and Crowns can be manufactured from Gold or Porcelain. For crowns, we are able to combine cosmetics and strength by fabricating a Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown which appears like a tooth however has a metallic substructure for strength.

Inlays/Onlays and Crowns are glued to teeth with permanent cement and once placed, will generally perform the same function as a tooth. As with all teeth, due care must be taken with respect to oral hygiene and proper maintenance around all restorative work.

• Extractions

In cases where a tooth is not restorable due to the amount of decay/size of fractures etc, we will recommend its removal (an Extraction). We are able to perform some extractions of wisdom teeth however any difficult cases will likely be referred to an oral surgeon.

• Worn teeth

Where teeth are worn down due to age, diet or grinding, we will recommend appropriate restorative treatment where required but may also suggest a ‘bite guard’ to wear at night to prevent further wear or damage to teeth during episodes of grinding.

Root Canal Treatment

For Treatment of Toothaches

• Root Canal Treatment

Toothaches are most uncomfortable and affect your mood and ability to concentrate. They may even cause you to cancel appointments or call in sick and stay at home instead. Taking the tooth out isn’t the only solution. Come in for a consultation at Mill Street City Dental Centre to learn about your options. We can provide effective management of toothaches by performing Root Canal Treatment, here in the Perth CBD.

Teeth that have been heavily filled, badly decayed or broken may develop a toothache. In some cases, these teeth can still be saved by performing Root Canal Treatment, a proven alternative to extraction. This form of treatment is conservative and allows patients to keep their own teeth in the mouth.

• What Happens Inside Your Tooth

Root canal or endodontic treatment aims to treat the inflamed or infected pulp inside your tooth. Problems such as tooth decay, cracks, and chips can cause inflammation or infection. If left untreated, this will lead to severe pain. The procedure is done by removing the affected pulp and replacing it with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Following treatment, we may recommend that a crown be placed on the tooth to protect it from further fractures.

Root Canal Treatment consists of cleaning, shaping and filling the internal aspect of the tooth root. This is usually done over a couple of visits using local anaesthetic. It is pain free although it may require some time spent in the dental chair. Patients sometimes like to bring in an mp3 player to listen to during the procedure.

Say goodbye to stubborn toothaches. The team at Mill Street City Dental Centre can help. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our clinic.

Dental Implants

For Treatment of Spaces Between Teeth

• Dental Implants

To restore the space left by taking a tooth out or a pre-existing space, dental implants are usually recommended as an option.

Dental implants are usually a 2-step procedure. The first stage involves the implant being placed in position by a surgeon and the second stage is the placement of an artificial tooth, which is secured to the underlying implant. This second stage is done by us and usually happens 3 months after stage one.

This form of treatment is very predictable and provides cosmetically excellent results.

• Bridges

As an alternative to Dental Implants, we may recommend a Dental Bridge. The most common dental bridge is usually fabricated when there is a gap between two teeth and patients do not wish to have an implant placed to close the space. It involves placing a crown on the tooth on either side of the space, with another artificial tooth attached to the crowns. The two crowns and the artificial tooth are all fixed together and cemented in place. Bridges work the same way as crowns and the cosmetic results are very pleasing. As with crowns, due care must be taken with maintenance and oral hygiene.

• Dentures

Removable partial or complete dentures were quite frequently used in the past to fill gaps between teeth or even reconstruct a full arch of teeth. Dentures are removable prosthetics, which patients wear and remove as instructed. While they have their place in management of gaps between teeth and replacing missing teeth, modern Dentistry allows patients to choose fixed options such as dental implants.

Contact us to set an appointment and find out more about our dental implant procedure.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Help Regain Your Smile!

The way your teeth look affects your overall appearance. This is why you need to take good care of them. Consulting a dentist is the best thing to do if you have chipped, short, discoloured, or missing teeth.

Mill Street City Dental Centre provides quality cosmetic dentistry in Perth. We provide a variety of options to patients looking for ways to solve dental issues and improve their smiles.

• Our Cosmetic Dental Procedures

We perform different dental treatments that aim to correct imperfections and enhance the appearance of your teeth. With our help, you can show off a stunning smile once again. Our services include teeth whitening, veneers, tooth lengthening, and selective tooth recontouring.

• Teeth Whitening

Our team provides the right treatment for discoloured teeth. The cause of discolouration varies; it can be because of genetics, or poor lifestyle choices like excessive smoking and drinking or consumption of foods that cause deep stains. The teeth whitening or bleaching procedure aims to remove stains and brighten the enamel.

• Veneers

Mill Street City Dental Centre also performs veneer treatment to improve the colour, shape, and contours of your teeth. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can design and create veneers using either porcelain or composite resin. Click here to see an example.

• Selective Tooth Recontouring

This treatment is ideal if you have chipped or irregularly shaped teeth. Selective tooth reshaping is a simple and effective way to recontour and smoothen teeth without needing any further treatment.

• Tooth Lengthening

This procedure is best for patients who feel that either their teeth have worn down or that they are not showing enough tooth/too much gum when they smile.
Say goodbye to dental imperfections and enjoy a healthier and brighter smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists.

Wisdom Teeth

The eruption of wisdom teeth can sometimes be complicated due to the lack of space in the jaw or the alignment of the wisdom tooth itself, as it sits underneath the gums. In these cases, we may recommend that the wisdom teeth be removed. This is to prevent future problems from arising in either the jaw, the surrounding teeth and gums or all of the above.

If this procedure is expected to be straight forward, we are able to remove the tooth/teeth In our offices under local anesthetic. If this procedure is expected to be difficult, we will suggest a referral to an oral surgeon who is better equipped to manage the removal of difficult wisdom teeth.



For cases that require specialised care that we are unable to perform, such as removal of difficult wisdom teeth while you are “asleep”, extensive Periodontal (gum) treatments, Complex tooth alignment cases or Dento-Facial Orthopaedics ( jaw bone alignment and growth modification) etc., we are able to refer cases to the appropriate dental specialist. You may of course already have in mind a specialist that you would like to see and the referral can be addressed to the chosen specialist.

Prior to the referral however, we will need to make an assessment of the presenting condition. This may involve taking any necessary radiographs, special tests etc.

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