For Treatment of Spaces Between Teeth

• Dental Implants

To restore the space left by taking a tooth out or a pre-existing space, dental implants are usually recommended as an option.

Dental implants are usually a 2-step procedure. The first stage involves the implant being placed in position by a surgeon and the second stage is the placement of an artificial tooth, which is secured to the underlying implant. This second stage is done by us and usually happens 3 months after stage one.

This form of treatment is very predictable and provides cosmetically excellent results.

• Bridges

As an alternative to Dental Implants, we may recommend a Dental Bridge. The most common dental bridge is usually fabricated when there is a gap between two teeth and patients do not wish to have an implant placed to close the space. It involves placing a crown on the tooth on either side of the space, with another artificial tooth attached to the crowns. The two crowns and the artificial tooth are all fixed together and cemented in place. Bridges work the same way as crowns and the cosmetic results are very pleasing. As with crowns, due care must be taken with maintenance and oral hygiene.

• Dentures

Removable partial or complete dentures were quite frequently used in the past to fill gaps between teeth or even reconstruct a full arch of teeth. Dentures are removable prosthetics, which patients wear and remove as instructed. While they have their place in management of gaps between teeth and replacing missing teeth, modern Dentistry allows patients to choose fixed options such as dental implants.

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