Generally the first visit to Mill Street City Dental Centre involves a Comprehensive Examination of the mouth and its surrounding/supporting anatomy. However, some patients may require Emergency Dental Treatment for problems such as a toothache or a broken tooth. In these cases, we will address the presenting complaint first, prior to any further treatment. We encourage patients, both new and regular, to attend our offices as soon as possible for any Emergency Dental Treatment to prevent problems from progressing any further.

If there are no immediate concerns, a Comprehensive Examination is carried out with any necessary diagnostic aids (such as radiographs or tooth impressions) taken at this stage. Following this, a treatment plan is suggested and discussed. If several visits are required to complete a course of treatment, we will do our best to schedule appropriate times. Any simple procedures that are required, such as a scale and polish, can be completed in the same appointment if patients so desire.

New patients should note that they will be asked to fill in a general health questionnaire. Completing this accurately will allow us to provide the best possible Dental Care.