When it comes to cracked, stained, or irregularly shaped teeth, Dental Veneers can be a solution to bring back that beautiful smile. Veneers are generally made from aesthetic porcelain but for select cases that require economical, quick and immediate changes to teeth appearance, Direct Composite Veneers are an option. Made of composite resin, these thin, tooth coloured shells cover the surface of the teeth to hide imperfections. These are directly bonded to the teeth to alter their size, colour and shape, giving patients an immediate improvement in their smile.

The resin shells are designed to look like natural teeth. Our dentists will shape the shells to match the original appearance of the teeth without requiring extensive alterations. Patients may choose a precise shade for the resin to make their smile brighter. A consultation is usually required to assess the teeth prior to any treatment. There are no temporaries to wear and following the placement of veneers, there is no downtime; patients can go home and return to their daily routines right after the procedure.

Get more information about Veneers in Perth from Mill Street City Dental Centre. Here are Before and After photos as an example. These were taken with a humble phone camera and kindly supplied to us by one of our patients.